Thursday, December 6, 2012

How To Make Money Online Fast Using Reverse Marketing


Can  Using Reverse Marketing Help You Make Money Online Fast?

Although a lot of people do NOT like this marketing strategy, I am going to talk about it anyway.

As we say here in Puerto Rico "para los gustos, los colores"  (Feel free to google translate:)!

Reverse Marketing may NOT be a likable strategy but it is SUPER effective.and POWERFUL.

Let me explain why...

When you are first starting to make money online it is NOT an easy task at all.

People join a business, start marketing like CRAZY posting ads online or anything else that they can think of to promote their business.

If you are NEW to marketing online and don't know a lot about it, things can get frustrating when you know that you are putting in all the effort but getting little to NO results.

That is one of the factors why people either quit or join another business.

 Posting classifieds promoting your business online are simply building blocks and will NOT provide you with instant gratification.

With the economy the way it is and so many people struggling to make ends meat, a lot of them are looking into joining a home based business to either supplement their income or replace it.

So you can imagine that marketing online is a cut throat competitive world and YOU are not the only person promoting out there...

With that being said, I wanted to talk about a different strategy that can be used to market online.

It's called Reverse Marketing

What Is Reverse Marketing And How Can It Help You Make Money Fast?

 I want to clarify that in NO way I am telling you to STOP doing what you are doing to market online.  As I said before, posting classifieds and other forms of marketing are building blocks and long term.  That is what we want...LONG TERM.  So KEEP GOING!

If you want instant gratification all the while marketing online that is where Reverse Marketing comes in.

Reverse Marketing is a form of unlimited prospecting for FREE.

Reverse Marketing is a method simply allows you to reach as many people as you want to on a daily basis.

There are a lot of approaches to Reverse Marketing and I will mention some a little further on.

This technique helps you make money online fast and gives you instant gratification.  When I say instant, I mean fast!   Depending in the business that you are in and the frequency of payment.  I for example enjoy getting paid daily.  If you are in a daily pay opportunity you can start getting paid in 24 -72 hrs depending on their policies..

I suggest using this technique with a Daily Income Opportunity.  Why?  Well, because you can get paid a lot faster and you can teach others to do the same.

Here is a FREE Daily Income Opportunity if you are not in one already.

Daily Income is super beneficial to grow your business since it can leverage your advertising costs and help you pay any sort of expenses without it coming your own money.  

Who to Reverse Market to

 It's usually easier to approach like minded individuals.  You know, existing networkers or people that are looking for a way to make money from home and understand the principles.  Here's the thing....95% of people in a home based business are struggling and are NOT making any money.

Different Ways Of Using Reverse Marketing

There are different ways of using Reverse Marketing.  There is a software you can use that you have to pay for and there is a FREE way.  So I am going to mention some of  FREE methods of Reverse Marketing.

I am only going to mention a few, since there are many methods, I can cover that in a later post.

Reverse Marketing via Classified Site.

This is a free and easy method you can use.  You can start with and

There are two different ways of approaching this..

  • Resume Section
  • small biz ads in the service section
In the resume section there are many people out there seeking jobs.  I usually look for sales background.

If you go to the small biz ads sections you will find a bunch of ads.  I mean they are ENDLESS.  Click on one of those ads, they should have a link leading to their website.  Click on the website and opt in by filling out your information.  That way you can generate a bunch of inbound calls without having to call anyone.

You can do this with all classified sites and traffic exchanges.

Reverse Marketing on Facebook

Do I really have to go into that?  Facebook has hundreds of groups that have to do with marketing online and home business.  Join those groups and go on from there.

You can use a lot of social media sites for Reverse Marketing but I can't tell you how many millions of people there are to talk to on facebook...

The sky is the limit.

This is a FREE and POWERFUL lead generating tool....Use it!

You wouldn't believe how many people are AFRAID of approaching others...I 'm not kidding,

Ladies and Gentlemen,  this is a BOLD business.  You just can't be afraid, and if you are...sorry to say this, but you are in the WRONG business my friend.

Have the courage to live your dreams!

As Les Brown once said "A lot of people don't muster the courage to live their dreams because they are afraid to die"

Here is a short video about what Les Brown has to say about developing courage.  I never get tired of watching this one :)!

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To Your Massive Success Always,

Melissa Diaz
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